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Gastrointestinal concerns

People with CMT often experience reflux, (a backing up of the acid in the stomach into the esophagus and sometime the mouth), diarrhea and constipation but then so do millions of people without CMT.

No one has ever done research on CMT and gastrointestinal problems so no one knows if CMT actually adds to the gastrointestinal problems we experience.

Some research on gastrointestinal problems and CMT would be welcome by many. This Web site could help anyone in the scientific community get started by posting a survey here and those with gastrointestinal problems and CMT could fill it out. Until then, most of us treat our reflux, diarrhea and constipation by seeing our doctor and using prescribed or over the counter remedies.

Over the years several people with CMT have talked to us about diarrhea, especially in children, so severe that the child failed to thrive. Whether this was or was not resolved is not known but we haven't heard of any child dying from diarrhea connected to CMT. Please know it is not common.